The Peace Rose

Have you ever met a preschooler who was naturally great at conflict resolution? Me either! It is something even adults struggle with. The best approach is to practice peaceful conflict resolution strategies early and often.

In our classrooms, children are empowered to begin to resolve their own conflicts in different ways, including using the Peace Rose. The Peace Rose lives on a peace shelf in the classroom, and is available for a student to use independently or with guidance. Students use the Peace Rose as a communication tool. If, for example, a student becomes upset because a classmate keeps touching their work, that student would get the rose, approach their classmate and say: "I didn't like it when you touched my work." and then pass the rose to their classmate. This classmate will then have a turn to talk, and ask what they can do to make it better. Students take turns talking in this way until the conflict is resolved and they can declare "peace".

In the beginning there is a lot of modeling by adults in the room on how to use the Rose and what to say, but you would be surprised how quickly small children catch on!

The Peace Rose is also an excellent and easy Montessori tool to use in your home if you need a little help with conflict management strategies.