Summer Program

CELC’s exciting summer program is carefully planned to be educational, entertaining and safe.  We provide a wonderful summer curriculum and learning experiences through a variety of activities, special guest speakers, and visitors designed to stimulate and inspire your child.

Our teachers approach summer instruction from the perspective that the summer program should be filled with fun new experiences while allowing students the opportunity to continue to practice the Montessori materials and lessons presented to them during the school year.

 In our summer programs children:

  • Enjoy in-house guests such as the Salisbury Zoo, NASA Wallops Island, Delmarva Discovery Center, Furnace Town Living Heritage Village, Worcester County Library, Berlin Fire Department, Berlin Police Department, “Splash Day” water play, cooking, gardening, outside exploration and so much more!
  • Avoid the “summer slide”!  Our summer program is entertaining as well as intellectually stimulating.  Your child will continue to receive lessons as he learns his Montessori journey of the classroom.  
  • Continue to spend time with his friends and classmates and give him a chance to get to know new friends.  Continue to spend the summer with staff who know and care for him, and whom your child is comfortable. He will remain in a happy, peaceful, and familiar environment. 
  • Maintain a consistent routine, which young children thrive to endure, even in the summer. 

 Our goal is to give your child a wonderful and memorable summer in a safe and joyful environment.


NEW STUDENTS:  If your child will be joining CELC this fall, our Summer Program is an excellent way to introduce your child to his new setting.  Summer is a great time to make friends, adjust to a new environment and become familiar with the Montessori classroom.  The Summer Program provides your child a smooth transition into the fall academic program.  Please contact the office if you are interested in enrolling in our summer program.

CURRENT STUDENTS:  We assume every student is continuing their current schedule through our summer program (July and August).  If you have other plans, please inform Ms. Carrie as soon as possible.  We must plan and staff our classrooms accordingly.

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June 2017

July 2017

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